Fawn & White Runners

Reg. Wood Ducks  $70/pr
Silver Wood Ducks  $350/pr
Split Silver Drake w/Silver hen $225/pr
Split Silver Wood Ducks  $150/pr
White Wood Ducks $275/pr
Split White Drake w/White hen $165/pr

White Face Tree Ducks  $125/pr

Cinnamon Teals  $65/pr
Ring Teals  $65/pr
Our Waterfowl (under construction)
Our foundation pastel drake purchased from Foley's
Waterfowl. He is a Graham Oakford bred bird and has
given us some very beautiful offspring. Thanks Jerry
We let one of our pet white calls hatch out some
of our show call eggs.  She is an awsome
mother.  Hatched out 10!  They are so cute.
11/6/10 IL/MO Bantam Club
Jr. Show

Ch. Bantam Duck & Ch. Waterfowl
5/5/12 IL/MO Bantam Club
Jr. Show

1st - Gray Call Drake